The Festival

The opening ceremony will sound the bell for the 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre. The participating international groups come together in Lingen’s EmslandArena and introduce themselves to the public. The show, in which local children and youngsters are involved, is fully dedicated to the theme ‘Children Move the World’.

After the opening ceremony, there will be a big parade from the EmslandArena through the city center of Lingen up to the festival park. Here, the festival take its run. Visitors are more than welcome to watch the opening ceremony and the parade and give the children from all over the world a cheering welcome.

During the festival the audience gets the chance to watch the 18 international performances on the stages of the Theatre 'Theater an der Wilhelmshöhe' and the 'Halle VI'. The groups are using different elements of music, drama dance, and acrobatics to tell their story. Therefore, understanding the pieces is independent from language.