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15th World Festival of Children,s Theatre22nd - 29th June 2018, Lingen/Ems | Germany

350350Participants / Children
3000030000 Visitors and audience
300300Volunteers and hosts

Dear children, dear theatre pedagogues and colleagues, dear friends of children’s theatre!

The 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre takes place from June 22nd – 29th 2018 in Lingen (Ems).

Booking of tickets

The seat reservation for the opening ceremony in the 'EmslandArena' is for free.

The regular price for the tickets for the performances of the international groups is 8 Euro or 6 Euro as the discounted price.

More information

Festival Song "Move the World"

The motto "Children Move the World"

Children move the world, they disarrange it, change it, re-design it. When children play for children, they show each other their views of the world – and how they would like to change it. The childlike theatre play turns into a mirror of a possible future.

Especially in a time where more and more people, who have left everything behind, who are in search of a new home, and who seek to be here with us; come to us, the common play of theatre may become a form of encounter.

At the World Festival of Children's Theatre children from the whole world from different cultures and with different backgrounds will encounter each other.

Because the stage is the place where our wishes, dreams, and desires are given shape.

Organizer and Cooperating partner

Organizer on behalf of the International Amateur Theatre Association (AITA/IATA) is the Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum der Emsländischen Landschaft e.V. (TPZ Lingen) supported by the City of Lingen (Ems).

Cooperating partner for the accompanying Symposium are the Institute for Theatre Pedagogy of the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück and the European Theatre House (ETH).