Jury-Meeting - 15th World Festival of Children's Theatre

Lingen. National and international experts, representatives of the 'Center of Theatre Education' (Theaterpaedagogisches Zentrum) and the city Lingen chose the participating groups for the 15th World Festival of Children's Theatre that will take place in June 2018 in Lingen (Ems).

18 out of 81 productions from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America were chosen.

Participating Groups


  • Benin: Espace-Ashakata with “Zansi doit aller á l’École”
  • Egypt: Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School with “Flying Moon”
  • Ghana: Agbenorhevi Youth Group with “Wogbedzeke – We are from a far place”
  • Zambia: Child Exposure in Zambian Arts Trust with “We are sick and tired of your manners”


  • India: Academy of performing Arts with “The Throne”
  • India: Ryan International School with “Brighter Tomorrow”
  • Indonesia: Teater Tanah Air with “Spectacle peace – a visual theatre performance”
  • Japan: WADA Asako Dancing Company with “Earth Children”


  • Armenia: National Centre of Aesthetics with „tZZan, bZZan, Zznhan tales!“
  • Croatia: Zorin dom Karlovac with „Game“
  • Estonia: Eksperiment with „Human“
  • Germany: Die Eleven with „Das Phantom von Uruk“
  • Greece: Theatriko Eikastiko Kallitechniko Kentro Poupoulo with „The Birds“

North America

  • Canada: Once upon a Kingdom Theatre with “Lucid Dreams”

South America

  • Columbia: Laboratorio Teatral la Caja Negra Sibate Columbia with “Juego de Ninos”
  • El Salvador: Es Artes Teatro with “2 minutes to Midnight”
  • Mexico: Pequenos Creadores Teatro with “A story of Twins”
  • Paraguay: Axioma Teatro with “The great Treasure”

Jury members

  • Nils Hanraets (Artistic Direction of the Festival 2018)
  • Christel Gbaduidi (Benin, AITA/IATA)
  • Rudolf Kruse (Management of the field Culture, City Lingen)
  • Lutz Pickardt (Federal Association of Theatre Eduation)
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Ruping (University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck)
  • Stephan Schnell (Association of German Amateur Theatre)
  • Ines Škuflic Horvat (Croatien, Standing Committee for Children and Youth)
  • Susanne Schrader (Agora Theatre, East-Belgium)

We're looking forward to welcome the groups here in Lingen!